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Mixed Length

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I'm currently evaluating Business Central, and I have a question regarding Item lengths,
From a business perspective, Business Central needs to be used to sell carpets, however,  the lengths can vary depending on what is ordered.  For example, we may order a Red carpet that needs to be entered into Inventory on Monday that is 23 meters in length and 3.66 meters wide. On Tuesday we may enter the Red carpet into inventory that is 30 meters long and 4 meters wide.  We also need to reduce the carpet length when purchased.
I'm sure this is possible, but I need someone to provide some guidance/point me in the right direction.
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    Mixed Length
    Do you have any comments regarding my last post?
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    Mixed Length
    Thanks for the replies regarding my question.
    We are using Business Central Essentials from an evaluation point of view.  There is no reason why we could not use Premium if that adds helpful functionality (Manufacturing).
    Our model works based on the following:
    1. The customer wants say 30 meters of carpet that is 4 meters wide.  We create an invoice and setup the piece and generate a unique piece number.  We then place a purchase order with the supplier.  Once the piece arrives we mark it as being in stock and place it in a warehouse rack location.  We then either despatch the item or the customer picks it up.
    In some instances, it makes more economical sense to purchase a whole roll and then sell the remaining amount to another customer.
    2.  Some carpet is kept in stock.  We order the carpet in advance.  We create the piece number and then raise a purchase order.
    The carpet sits on a rack in the warehouse and we then cut pieces from it when customer want it.  That is the scenario where we want to reduce the piece length, and not have a fixed length.
    I hope this makes sense.  
    Thanks for your help on this.
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    Mixed Length
    I once deployed BC for a company that produces belts. Because the cost of each size is different, and the Assembly Order of BC does not correspond to the cut.
    So we created multiple items at that time, according to different sizes.
    Hope this can give you some tips.
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    Mixed Length
    If the material in on a series of standard width rolls , you can use item UoM (unit of measure) and set the base length to the lowest unit you cut to.
    E.g. if you have a roll of 4m wide material that's 20m long you could buy it like this and sell like this:
    Within the item card you can set the default purchase and sale UoM, but these can be tweaked on the PO or SO docs 
    As suggested Gokul you can use variants, for example for colours
    Or we could just stick with whole meters; and do it that way
    Either way you will need to 'fix' on of the dimensions of the material using base BC (length or width) and use the UoM to describe the dimension you will cut - so it could work well for rolls of material 
    Purchase 100m of 5m wide Westhill Tweed"
    Track inventory for the 100m 
    Sell 23.5m of this 
    Track inventory:
    Hope that helps
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    Mixed Length

    creating multiple item with variants would be an approach 
    but the ask is how you want to track the inventory and value in the system 
    how you do analyse is that based on item or sizes
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    Mixed Length
    There are a couple different ways and I'd say it depends on what other functionality you use and your current process. Do you only use purchasing/sales in Business Central? Or do you use anything more advanced such as manufacturing? You could create a new item no. for each size, or have 1 item but different variants for the different sizes. You can even use serial number or lot number tracking for the different sizes. 

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