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product receipt quantity match fails immediately for imported invoices

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Hello Experts,

I am facing an issue with the vendor invoice automation functionality when working with imported invoices.

After i imported an invoice the product receipt quantity match immediately fails, even if the quantity in the product receipt is the same as in the invoice. When i create an invoice from a PO, the matching works fine. The system seems to find the correct product receipt, but is not able to match it. Manual matching works fine (but its not what the customer wants).


Somehow, the status of the automated receipt match status remains on not applicable. 


Problem is, the invoice is submitted to the workflow with a failed receipt quantity match and because of that the workflow is failing. The system does not seem to wait to submit an invoice to the workflow until all matchings are passed. 

My settings are:

pastedimage1675328692537v3.png pastedimage1675328711015v4.png_2D00_640x480.pngpastedimage1675328789979v5.png

Someone got an idea, why the automatic matching is not working for imported invoices?

Thanks and regards,

  • Suggested answer
    product receipt quantity match fails immediately for imported invoices
    First you need to enable "YES" for Automatically create invoice lines and Choose default quantity for Product Receipt Quantity 
    You can try the setup after it's finished, and the status will passed.
    Thanks & Regards 
    Pargunan D
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    PG-16052038-0 18 on at
    product receipt quantity match fails immediately for imported invoices
    Hello Gazzl,
    I seem to be having a similar issue now. Did you ever find a resolution for this issue?

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