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In our organization, we've customized the Contact entity to include custom fields for better managing our contacts' information. Specifically, we have added custom dropdown fields to record countries and states more accurately according to our internal categorization.

Our challenge arises when we try to utilize the business card reader feature to streamline the entry of contact information into Dynamics 365. It appears that the business card reader is designed to map scanned information only to the system's default fields. Unfortunately, this limitation prevents us from directly populating our custom country and state fields, impacting our data entry workflow and data consistency.

Is there a way to configure the business card reader or Dynamics 365 to allow mapping of scanned information directly into custom fields, specifically dropdowns for countries and states in the Contact entity? If direct configuration is not possible, are there any workarounds or best practices that can help us integrate this feature with our custom fields effectively? Perhaps a plugin or a script that can reroute the information post-entry?

We aim to make the data capturing process as seamless as possible while maintaining the integrity and specificity of our data categorization. Any advice, solutions, or points towards relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!
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    You can customize the Business Card control mapping to a custom single-line text field.
    Then add the onchange event to this field to display the corresponding country in the customized country dropdown field based on the country value populated in this field.
    There are six countries in the Custom Country drop-down field.
    The code is as follows.
    function onchange(executionContext) {
        var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
        //Gets the custom field value
        var customField = formContext.getAttribute("cr8a7_customsinglelinefield").getValue();
        //Gets the custom country field reference
        var customCountry = formContext.getAttribute("cr8a7_customcountry");
        //If the custom field value is null, exit the function.
        // Displays the value corresponding to the custom country option set field based on the value of the custom field.
            case "United States":customCountry.setValue(1);break;
            case "France":customCountry.setValue(2);break;
            case "United Kingdom":customCountry.setValue(3);break;
            case "India":customCountry.setValue(4);break;
            case "Japan":customCountry.setValue(5);break;
            case "Canada":customCountry.setValue(6);break;
            //If the mapped country is not included in the Option Set field, a prompt dialog box pops up.
            default: alert(`The mapped country: ${customField} is not included in the option set.`)
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    Dengliang Li

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