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Tax Engine Error when generating Pay statement

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I am trying to generate pay statement after releasing the earning statement lines, however I am facing the following error.

"A tax engine exception has occurred processing taxes for worker FEDC00045.System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.ArgumentException: No enum value in 'PayrollUSState' matching '' is found at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.PredefinedFunctions.Str2Enum(Object e, String s) in D:\dbs\sh\l23t\0326_210407\cmd\1a\Source\Kernel\xppil\XppSupport\Support.cs:line 5237 at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollCalculatePayStatementTaxes.`setUnemployment() at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollCalculatePayStatementTaxes.setUnemployment() at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollPayStatementGenerationTask.calcTaxes(Decimal _createdTaxableEarningsTotal) at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollPayStatementGenerationTask.`calcBenefitsAndTaxes(Decimal _createdTaxableEarningsTotal) at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollPayStatementGenerationTask.calcBenefitsAndTaxes(Decimal _createdTaxableEarningsTotal) at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollPayStatementGenerationTask.createPayStatement() at Dynamics.AX.Application.PayrollPayStatementGenerationTask.`run() --- End of inner exception stack trace ---"

I have already updated the Tax Data and my tax engine is on the latest version. I have configured all the settings and parameters but this error won't go away.

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    Arunraj Rajasekar Profile Picture
    Arunraj Rajasekar 1,729 on at
    RE: Tax Engine Error when generating Pay statement


    This is common error due to missing setup. Have you identified which employee is causing the error? Once you have identified the employee, Go to worker tax code form in worker profile. Look for unemployment Tax code, unemployment tax code must contain a SUTASTATE value

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