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The new 'Send Now' functionality not showing on all emails in RTM after being enabled

Posted on by 48

We're trying to enable the new (ish) 'Send Now' feature within RTM.

We've switched on the feature switch for the 'Send Now' capability, ensuring all roles/permissions are set and set any emails to 'Ready to send' state. We've even tried in different internet browsers, and in incognito mode.

But the 'Send' button with drop down options for 'Send Now' and 'Schedule for Later' is only appearing on newly created emails from scratch and it is not appearing for any emails that are saved as copies from existing or on any existing emails saved within RTM before the feature was enabled - has anyone experienced this and knows what is causing this issue?

The expected behaviour is this 'Send' button with drop down options should appear on all emails in ready to send state within RTM automatically.
Is it a bug or is it if there is any personalisation outside of straight forward first name on a lead or a contact within the email, then the button just simply does not show up on that email?

Thank you
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    The_CRM_Fairy Profile Picture
    The_CRM_Fairy 48 on at
    The new 'Send Now' functionality not showing on all emails in RTM after being enabled
    Hi and thank you @Leah Ju for replying.
    I've tried to switch it off and back on, but I think I worked it out.

    Any existing emails that have personalisation in them, won't show the 'send now' button. It is listed on the known limitations but does not say how that affects the button displaying.
  • Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    The new 'Send Now' functionality not showing on all emails in RTM after being enabled
    I can't replicate your scenario, in my environment 'Send now' displays correctly, both for emails created before and after the feature is turned on.
    Check for known issue:
    1.Try to turn off and tur on this feature again.
    2.check version.
    If none of that works, I suggest you follow the steps below to create a ticket for the Microsoft Support team for further assistance.
    Get Help + Support - Dynamics | Microsoft Docs

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