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Upgrade Failed 24.0

Posted on by 56
Hi all, 
We are trying to upgrade our sandboxes to the latest version and get this error message:

Operation Type: UpdateMicrosoft Entra tenant ID: 3f26a4b5-930f-4cce-ae72-0ecd283106dcCreated by:Operation ID: 9055669b-c048-450f-9f87-7eb97a604c8c

Operation Details:Status: FailedError: Update failed with an internal error FirstPartySync and is being investigated.

From version: 23.5.16502.16589To version: 24.0.16410.17628Update status: FailedCustom date selected: Yes


Operation Time:Scheduled on: May 22, 2024, 02:01:18 PM EDTStarted on: May 22, 2024, 02:01:19 PM EDTCompleted on: May 22, 2024, 02:33:36 PM EDT

Are there issues on Microsoft side with this update?

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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    Upgrade Failed 24.0
    Hi, please refer to the old thread for the same topic:
    Hope it helps.
    Best Regards,
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 61,962 Super User on at
    Upgrade Failed 24.0
    Hi, this is still Microsoft's problem. You can submit a support ticket to Microsoft.
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 3,574 Super User on at
    Upgrade Failed 24.0
    You can follow the evolution of their solution in this Yammer thread as well.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 5,208 Super User on at
    Upgrade Failed 24.0
    Are there issues on Microsoft side with this update?
    Yes. Here is a thread with the same error that contains more info - Update 23.5 to 24.0 Business Central (

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