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Procurement Catalogues in D365FO

Posted on by 330

Hi All

Can anyone explain the difference between procurement categories which are defined as part of a procurement hierarchy and a procurement catalogue.

After defining a procurement category and attaching products / vendors etc. I can use it with purchase requisitions and purchase orders without the need for a procurement catalogue.

From what I can tell, procurement catalogues were predominately aimed at Enterprise Portal which is now deprecated in the latest version of D365FO (and not part of Employee Self-Service) so I don't understand why I would need to maintain both?

Thanks in advance.

  • Shankar GR Profile Picture
    Shankar GR 56 on at
    Procurement Catalogues in D365FO
    Procurement Categories - Think of procurement categories like filing cabinets for your purchases. They help sort things for better organization, but you wouldn't use them directly to place orders.
    We can add products and Vendor according to the Category. 
    A procurement catalog acts like your company's online store. It lists approved items with details like pricing and contracts, making it quicker and easier to request them. 

    Procurement catalog = company store (approved items, pricing, contracts = faster requests)

    Procurement categories = backstage organization (track purchases, not for ordering directly)

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    Andy_T 330 on at
    RE: Procurement Catalogues in D365FO

    Thank you Mattguo

    That makes sense.


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    MATTGUO 22,296 on at
    RE: Procurement Catalogues in D365FO

    Hello Miller,

    In my opinion, the category only has one for all legal entities, but the catalog can have multiple.

    Use catalog to control if the one item can be requested in different legal entities by the purchase policy.

    For example, A is an item can be purchased by all legal entities, A can be requested in X legal entity, but Y legal entity can not request A, so you need to create two catalogs and purchase policies. One catalog displays A, and other hides A.

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