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Accounts payable invoice journal is advancing posting date

Posted on by 3,722 Super User

I have this issue in a production environment (10.0.31, Update 55).  Scenario:

  • Client is on a 4-4-5 Fiscal calendar.
  • Last day of April period is 4/29/2023
  • April is open in Ledger calendar
  • Enter an A/P Invoice journal with 4/28/2023 transaction date, 4/25/2023 invoice date.  Save the journal.  Transaction date remains @ 4/28/2023.
  • Post the journal - transaction date advances to 4/30/2023 - first day of next period
  • I've not been able to reproduce this behavior in two other test environments, on same version, and with recent data refresh from PROD and have confirmed the A/P parameters match in all environments.
  • There are no customizations on the form

Is anyone aware of any parameter that would cause this?  Again, this is A/P Invoice journal, not Pending vendor invoice.

Thanks in advance.

  • Vickram Profile Picture
    Vickram 89 on at
    Accounts payable invoice journal is advancing posting date
    Hi Everyone,   I am facing a similar issue where the Ledger period for the month of May 2024 is already open and I created A/P Invoice journal.   The lines in the journal has the dates as 31/5/2024, however as soon as I post the journal the dates get automatically changed to 1/6/2024.    Please could you let me know if you have a solution to this issue.   Thanks, Vickram
  • Frank Hamelly | MVP, MCP, CSA Profile Picture
    Frank Hamelly | MVP... 3,722 Super User on at
    RE: Accounts payable invoice journal is advancing posting date

    Thanks Hana.  This is not a Pending vendor invoice.  It's an Invoice journal, so this feature doesn't apply.  Also, in this case, the period isn't closed, it's still open.

  • Suggested answer
    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Accounts payable invoice journal is advancing posting date

    Hi Frank,

    Sometimes vendor invoices can remain in pending status beyond the time when the accounting period for the specified posting date has closed. When the invoices are ready to be posted, the original posting date can’t be used since the period is closed. As a result, the accounts payable clerk must change all the posting dates on the now-unapproved invoices to the newer, open period (next month). This feature adds a parameter that lets the system change the posting date automatically according to your business needs. As a result, the due date, cash discount date, and exchange rate of the vendor invoice can be adjusted accordingly.

    Note:  if you want to make this feature work, you need to enable it in feature management.


    Best Regards,


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