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Locks when editing planned production orders

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I have a request for help.
My client uses the AX2012 R2 system.
We have a problem: When gross plans are generated. At the same time  users create, change dates, quantities in planned production orders and approve them - these activities are performed on the planned production orders of the dynamic master plan. Additionally, production orders are maintained as well in the production control module.
Unfortunately, during these activities, locks appear on the WRKCTRCAPRES table that last many minutes and do not disappear by themselves, which causes the system to lock up.

For me, the described procedures are a daily practice in a production company that uses an integrated system. The above error makes it practically impossible to implement the master planning module.

The question is whether any of you encountered such a problem and how it was solved.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Locks when editing planned production orders

    Thank You very much for Your advice. These two hotfixes we have already implemented, but, unfortunately it only partially helped, but have not resolved the core of the problem.

    Maybe the reason standing behind the core of the problem is that products routes include more than ten secondary operations for different resources for one operation.

    In spite of all the activities done simultanously, it is standard work procedures in a big production company.

    I am not able to understand, how it is possible to implement main planning in company of this type, while so critic error is existing.

    Does anybody have similar experiences?

    I do not need to use Finiite capacity or Bottleneck resource options.

    Best regards,


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    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Locks when editing planned production orders

    Hello Lonek,

    There are some hints available on LCS that might help.

    Please check - for example - the following ones:

    You can also search for other issues related to master planning in R2 here:

    Best regards,


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