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dynamics SL won't start under different winXP profile

Posted on by 165

Dynamics SL 7.0 runs fine on a particular WinXP workstation, however when my new user sits at this system under a new windowsXP profile and tries to run dynamics it fails to start(one of those debugger type messages)

The shortcut the on the new user's profile is pointing to the server which is normal,  add/remove programs shows the dynamics instance...I don't know where else to make changes if I need to.....local settings? app data? 

I've encountered this on another workstation and ended up uninstalling and reinstalling which works but as you can imagine that's a big pain.  All the installs happen from the wrkst directory on the server if that helps... 


  • BryceA Profile Picture
    BryceA 165 on at
    Re: dynamics SL won't start under different winXP profile

    Hi Adam,

    In my environment I am not using windows authentication for SL and regarding permission I've already tried setting the user to Admin but still no luck. 

    There are definitely no other options then reinstalling?  Obviously if someone else needs to use this computer down the road then we're back to square one and another reinstall will be necessary....




  • Adam Leonard Profile Picture
    Adam Leonard 2,151 on at
    Re: dynamics SL won't start under different winXP profile

    Hi Bryce,

    My first thought is:  Are you using Windows authentication and if so, is the new user set up in SL with an SL user ID?  If you're using windows authentication, I would recommend logging into SL as the SYSADMIN user and accessing User Maintenance.  Ensure that the Domain\username is associated to an SL user ID.

    If you're not using windows authentication, I would recommend ensuring that the new user on the XP machine is a local admin (or just make them a local admin temporarily to test if the error is the result of permissions).

    Otherwise, I think your best option is an uninstall/reinstall of the SL cleint on the workstation.  I know it's not your preferred resolution method but further troubleshooting is going to take as much time and effort as a simple reinstall of the client.

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