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I've got two problems with Dynamics 365 Customer Service which I think might be related to one another. 
The first one is a Error appearing when opening any productivity tool in the admin center. E.g. when opening the Smart Assist it states a /Script Error/ you can see in the first image. Does somebody know this kind of error and it's cause?
The second error is in the Power Apps Admin Center, where I tried to install the /Dynamics 365 Productivity Tools/ in my Customer Service Environment. However, it too throws an error stating that I am missing a /cab file for importing the solution/. Does anybody know that kind of error and why it's caused?
My guess is that the first error is caused by the missing /Dynamics 365 Productivity Tools/-App, but I am still clueless how to handle the second one if this holds to be true. 
I am happy for any help or idea on how to tackle both these problems!
Thanks very much in advance,
Error 1
Error 2
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    In the Pane Tool Configuration form, the web resource you are missing is added.
    However, this form is not editable, so this web resource needs to be imported from the solution.


    I'm using the Customer Service trial version with Agent Productivity Tools pre-installed.

    When I try to install this app in an environment where the Customer Service app is not installed, then I get a different error than yours.


    It is recommended that you raise a support ticket with details of the error.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li


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