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RSS feed content in emails?

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Posted on by 82
Anyone have suggestions for adding content from and RSS feed to a real-time email. Looking for code snippets or tool recos that could facilitate this through the Code element to include in an email with other standard elements. Seems like other email platforms have built in elements for RSS that include controls for number of stories and layout, and would love to see this included in Customer Insights, but looking for a solution until then.
Thanks in advance!
  • mkirkpatrick Profile Picture
    mkirkpatrick 82 on at
    RSS feed content in emails?
    Thanks for the responses.
    We have actually managed to build a solution for this which after some trial and error is working quite well. It involved some extensive Power Automate work leveraging FetchXML, xPath but we're really happy with it. We ultimately did not use the RSS connector approach. Ran into a few bumps along the road scaling it due to PA limits tied to FetchXML as well as variable limits with unbound actions, but it is currently delivering on a recurring schedule to approximately 150,000 recipients pulling the latest headlines, images, links and descriptions from multiple RSS feeds.
  • Mikko Berg Profile Picture
    Mikko Berg 9 on at
    RSS feed content in emails?
    Hi @mkirkpatrick,
    I've tested this successfully using a Power Automate flow.
    There are connectors for reading RSS feed.
    You can for example create a flow that is triggered manually, give some parameters like the number of stories you want to have in your newsletter and then have the flow create an email automatically.
    This is off course far from a ready-made feature but can help you for the time being.
  • JoVa Profile Picture
    JoVa 21 on at
    RSS feed content in emails?
    We would also be very interested in a solution for this requirement. We will start analysing and thinking of technical solutions in the coming weeks. Looking at Power Platform.
  • Helene B. Profile Picture
    Helene B. 82 on at
    RSS feed content in emails?
    Hi, have you found an answer to your question or a solution?

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