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Order history with Audit logs

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am able to get the order events details, but exactly what the user changed with Order I am unable to tarck...For example if the QTY is increased from 10 to 60 kind of data, I wanna look at...

Can you pls help me on how to pull the details on original order vs changed order with audit logs...

  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 288,420 Super User on at
    RE: Order history with Audit logs

    Hi King710,

    The "Former member" did not come back with any details. However, you can achieve your requirement using the database log mentioned by Mattguo. Also take the note of a possible performance impact and you need to clean-up the logs to prevent too much database growth.

  • King710 Profile Picture
    King710 65 on at
    RE: Order history with Audit logs

    Was there ever a conclusion on this?  It is very common for Orders to be changed.  Grant it the first thing to look is why are orders being changed so frequently and the goal is to minimize that.

    Is there a quick solution to this?  Where a user can view an audit trail of changes to orders and the user who changed the order, Type of change, date, quantity. etc.  Thanks!

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Order history with Audit logs

    Hi Bala S,

    The database log can do that but it can affect your system performance because it is not intented to be used on transactional data. If you want to use it test it carefully before applying it in live.

    What I am more interested in is why do you need that information? Do you really check subsequently who change the qty? If so, you just get a time stamp and the user who made the change but not a reason why this has been done. Can you explain a bit about the background of this requirement?

    Best regards,


  • MATTGUO Profile Picture
    MATTGUO 22,296 on at
    RE: Order history with Audit logs

    Hi Bala,

    You can use database log to trace the specific fields change, and please select the specific fields instead of all fields. Please refer to this blog:

    Or you can also create alert to monitor the specific fields change.

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