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Can you assign both accounts and/or contacts to a territory?

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We have customers with facilities and contacts in various states and our sales team is geographically assigned. I see plenty of documentation about creating territories, but I'd like to assign accounts and contacts to those territories. Here's a few current examples

Company A is located in NY and is associated with the NY Territory. The NY Territory is managed by Sales Person 1

Company A also has contacts in PA which should be associated with the PA Territory. The PA Territory is managed by Sales Person 2

At the end of the month we need to evaluate the performance based on the territories managed by the sales teams:

  • At Company A, 5 contacts from NY made purchases, so that revenue should be associated with Sales Person 1
  • At Company A, 2 contacts from PA made purchases and that revenue should be associated with Sales Person 2.

Can this be done with the standard territory management or do we need to purchase an additional territory management tool like maplytics?

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    Can you assign both accounts and/or contacts to a territory?
    I hope you have an answer to this query by now, if not, you should definitely have a look at the offerings of Maplytics in terms of one of its primary features, Territory Management. Your requirement needs the assignment of records to territories based on geography or address. This could be a little tricky with CRM, hence, a helping hand of Maplytics would be advisable.

    With Maplytics, territories can be created based on postal codes, drawn regions on a map, countries, states, cities, etc. Records when added to CRM get automatically assigned to existing territories. The territories formed are mostly balanced with the number of records assigned to them and have a dedicated Territory Manager in charge. They are responsible for the sales, revenue, and overall working of the territory.

    The boundaries of the territory can also be altered using various alignment tools to accommodate or reassign records. Additionally, the Heat Map Analysis feature of Maplytics would also help visualize the performances of various territories in terms of color intensities. Thus, Company A from your example can have multiple, flexible territories, at multiple locations, with dedicated people in charge, and a transparent performance analysis!

    Maplytics is a powerful and certified software on the Microsoft AppSource that enhances the sales tracking capabilities of Dynamics 365. Apart from a smart Territory Management system, Maplytics is also known for its features that help with Proximity Search, Automated Appointment Planning, Optimized Route Plotting, Real-time tracking of Field Reps, and more! Check out the Website to know how or contact the team at for a free trial, personalized demo, or query resolution!
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    RE: Can you assign both accounts and/or contacts to a territory?

    Hi AdmWombat,

    You can add user as member to territory.


    Set up sales territories to organize business markets by geographical area - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs 

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