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Filtering Drop Down fields based on another Field on Form

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Hi all,

First time posting in the forum. Please forgive me if this is not the right forum for my query.


This is Customer Insights Journey Form query.

I have a form/requirement with a few fields including a couple of drop down fields.

One of the fields on the Form is called 'Industry'. This is a dynamic field from a filtered view.

Ideally, If a user selects 'Health' industry for example, THEN, the next field which is a drop down of Products should be filtered to SHOW ONLY 'Health' related products.

*Each product is linked to an industry with the CRM.

Just wondering if this above scenario is possible please.


Thank you in advance.

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    XS-17051405-0 Profile Picture
    XS-17051405-0 2 on at
    Filtering Drop Down fields based on another Field on Form
    Hi there,

    I work a lot with Realtime marketing forms and I have used Chat GPT 4 to write javascript to do advanced stuff like show and hide, make required or non required and clear guest fields if the attendee is bringing a guest and I have had success in doing that. 

    What I noticed is that the html script has the view guid embedded on on it. You can use chat GPT to write a script that will replace that guild on the lookup field with the one that has the correct filter. I have not tried this but I have realized that there is no limit when it comes to Javascript, you can do really advanced stuff and be successful at it. 

    This is the view's guild on on form html for my lookup called dietary:

    Here is the view guid in dynamics: 

    From that, you can see that my selected view for that field is active dietary. 

    If I had time I would try it, give it a go, i think it is possible. :)

    Good luck!
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    AdmWombat 138 on at
    Filtering Drop Down fields based on another Field on Form
    I agree with Cui Hao. We've been wanting the same thing for a while. In other platforms they are called conditional fields which do exactly as you described. I guess Microsoft is more focused on AI than figuring out basic form functionality.
    I have seen some posts suggesting using Javascript, like this one,
    But we are marketing people and shouldn't have to hire developers to build basic form functionality. 
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    Cui Hao on at
    Filtering Drop Down fields based on another Field on Form

    I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
    I'm testing this in the real-time module, and both the product lookup field and the industry lookup field are view-based, which means that only records in a specific view will be displayed.

    When clicking on a lookup field in a published form, a web request is generated to return a view-specific record.
    This request is system designed and cannot be customized to return custom records.

    If you have an outbound module, you can refer to the following link to do so:
    If my answer was helpful, please click Like, and if it solved your problem, please mark it as verified to help other community members find more. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,
    Cui Hao

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