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customer/item sales report 113

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In NAV the report customer/item sales (113) shows the sum of invoiced quantity per unit but not in BC. Does someone know why?
Can't find any field in the report layout in BC for the sum of quantity.
  • HE-21051206-0 Profile Picture
    HE-21051206-0 4 on at
    customer/item sales report 113
    It seems to be a customization on the standard report i NAV. I will see if we can convert the report and see if it works for BC SaaS.
    Otherwise we will try some of your suggestions.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 62,133 Super User on at
    customer/item sales report 113
    Hi, hope the following examples can give you some help.
    Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 1 (BC18): Report extensibility (ReportExtension Object)
    Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to print all type of lines in standard Pro Forma Invoice report – Customization
    Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to add Media or MediaSet data type (Pictures) to a report
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 5,353 Super User on at
    customer/item sales report 113
    Yi Yong is correct, the report would have to be customized to add it.
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    Yi Yong Profile Picture
    Yi Yong 220 on at
    customer/item sales report 113
    Do you mean there is a sum of Invoiced Quantity on the red box?
    You can create the sum function on the RDLC then import and replace it in BC.
    As I do not have NAV, it is unclear whether was this customized or standard on NAV.
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    Saurav.Dhyani Profile Picture
    Saurav.Dhyani 11,260 User Group Leader on at
    customer/item sales report 113
    For some reasons i cannot find report 113 in Dynamics NAV.
    Can you please add a sample output from NAV to show what is missing?
    Saurav Dhyani

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