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Syntax (formula help)

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Good morning,
I am trying to figure out how to tell my QUANTITY column and/or my REMAINING BALANCE column (Reported As Finished is the system terminology) to report when an order has packed, but not complete (i.e 62 is the order but 2 did not pack).  I'd prefer to set it up as a tile on my dashboard, but may have to use the alert to email route (I don't see a real option for setting that up either.).  I appreciate any help I can get!  Thanks!
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    Syntax (formula help)
    I think I'm close with this, but it's displaying all the NULL values instead of the NON NULL values
    ProdTable.RemainInventPhysical IS NOT NULL AND ProdTable.RemainInventPhysical<ProdTable.QtySched  
    In my picture, I don't want to see the green line item because the remaining balance is null.
    Thank you!
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    Syntax (formula help)
    You can refer to this official document, hope to help you: Modify a workspace with a tile, list, and data cache - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnIn this tutorial, you will create a new tile and include it in the summary section of a workspace, build a new list for a workspace, and create a data cache for the list in the workspace.
    Best regards,

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