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Deep(ish) dive Account, Customer, Portal Contacts relationships anyone?

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Not even sure I can explain this.

How we got here:

a. The Account is a Customer (person, not an office or company)

b. The Account/Customers were imported from a legacy system.

c. The web portal was created later.

d. The portal users were authenticated with Local Government Active Directory (LGAD).  well, they signin to our network using LGAD credentials, which then allows them to click on the signin link and Azure AD button to signin to the portal.

Problem/Symptom:  The of the (Contact/SystemUser?) is null when accessed via liquid in a web template.

Cases created from the portal have Portal Contacts associated to them.

Becomes a problem because the Portal Contact and the Customer have different email addresses.  the Portal Contact email addy is unattended.

Question: How, what, when, where, wtf, is a connection/relationship between a customer and a portal contact created?

what are the primary and foreign keys involved? the relationship name? the relationship type? Is there some other table involved like systemuser.

XRMTOOLBOX shows that a relationship: contacts_customer_accounts : contact.parentcustomerid (null in my query) = account.accountid 

there is also account_primary_contact relationship :  account.primarycontactid (null in my query) = contact.contactid

Q1a:  what table and column holds the ????

Question 2:  How do I get the Customer on my portal-created Cases?  by hook or crook, voo-doo, or hocus pocus  I gotta get this done


Contact HM helen - the only GUIDS in the contact table (sans created/modified, addresses)

adx_identity_securitystamp :df961cc1-fd34-AAAA-AAAA-825576864430
adx_identity_username      :615441ef-5649-BBBB-BBBB-40cc37128a63
contactid                  :bc7d1b7e-bb65-XXXX-XXXX-000d3a8fb5d2
ownerid                    :76a162d5-4650-YYYY-YYYY-000d3a8faea9
owningbusinessunit         :e7e0f795-e45a-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-000d3a191041
owninguser                 :76a162d5-4650-YYYY-YYYY-000d3a8faea9

Account HM Helen - the only guids in the Account table  (sans created/modified, addresses)

accountid                  :aeb2ea66-f603-XXXX-XXXX-000d3a1ab74e
ownerid                    :b40cf8ac-dc6a-VVVV-VVVV-000d3a579b7d
owningbusinessunit         :e7e0f795-e45a-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-000d3a191041
owninguser                 :b40cf8ac-dc6a-VVVV-VVVV-000d3a579b7d

HM has no SystemUser table record.  She is not licensed and only accesses the web portal

As you can see, not a lot of connections via GUID in these 2 records.

I am sure that his makes sense only to me.  However, If you have a glimmer of understanding and have anything to offer I would really like to hear it.

Thanks y'all!