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Report Print Layout Onepager

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Hello everyone,

I'm seeking assistance with a rather frustrating issue concerning our aggregated Profit and Loss (P&L) report. Despite my best efforts, I can't seem to get the report to fit on a single page or generate a well-formatted PDF. Both the last two columns and the lines within the report break onto the second page during printing, making it difficult to present the report effectively.

To complicate matters further, the printer options seem to offer no help or customizable settings to address this problem. As a beginner in handling report-related challenges, I'm at a loss for how to resolve this issue.

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance or step-by-step instructions from more experienced members of this forum. I'd prefer to avoid making any changes to the report layout, as it's already optimized for readability. Is there a beginner-friendly solution or alternative approach that I can try to ensure the report prints seamlessly on one page or generates a well-formatted PDF?

Thank you kindly for your time and patience. Your assistance would be immensely helpful in overcoming this obstacle.

Best regards, Marcel