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How to make Reason for Rejection dialog appear in custom Knowledge base form?

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I duplicated the default Form for KB articles to customize layout a bit and fields. However, the Reason for rejection slide out dialog is not triggered when changing the Review status to Rejected. It works in the Default form.

I've looked at events and triggers etc but cannot find where this functionality is to be able to replicate it. We also have 2 approval steps, so would like that to work there as well.


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    JustRhonda 49 on at
    How to make Reason for Rejection dialog appear in custom Knowledge base form?
    I'm glad someone had the same question I did. I don't like the answer (not low-code) but at least I know it isn't a simple solution. I can't even find the library when I search the Default Solution Web Resources. 
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    RE: How to make Reason for Rejection dialog appear in custom Knowledge base form?

    Hi HangryMapache,

    I created a custom form as you did and it also not works for me.  Then I find the code in the library(msdyncrm_/KnowledgeManagement/KnowledgeArticle/KnowledgeArticleMainSystemLibrary.js) which is used to open this dialog. So I created an onchange event on Review field and hide the Review field on the form. And it could work for me now.

    Form Setting:


    Onchange code:

    function onchange(eventContext) {
    var formContext = KnowledgeManagement.KnowledgeArticleUtility.getFormContext(eventContext),
    reviewState =,reviewOptionSetPreviousSelection=null;
    if (reviewState.getValue() == KnowledgeManagement.KnowledgeArticleReviewState.Rejected) {
    var primaryAuthorLookupAttribute = formContext.getAttribute(KnowledgeManagement.PrimaryAuthorId),
    guidForPrimaryAuthorId = "";
    if (primaryAuthorLookupAttribute) {
    var primaryAuthorLookupAttributeValue = primaryAuthorLookupAttribute.getValue();
    if (primaryAuthorLookupAttributeValue && primaryAuthorLookupAttributeValue.length > 0) guidForPrimaryAuthorId = primaryAuthorLookupAttributeValue[0].id
    var options = {
    height: 500,
    width: 400,
    position: 2
    dialogParams = {};
    dialogParams[KnowledgeManagement.ParamEntityId] =;
    dialogParams[KnowledgeManagement.ParamLastButtonClicked] = KnowledgeManagement.DialogOkId;
    dialogParams[KnowledgeManagement.ParamPrimaryAuthorId] = guidForPrimaryAuthorId;
    dialogParams[KnowledgeManagement.ParamReview] = reviewState.getValue();
    Xrm.Navigation.openDialog(KnowledgeManagement.RejectKnowledgeArticleDialog, options, dialogParams).then(function(successParameter) {
    var reviewState = formContext.getAttribute(KnowledgeManagement.Review);
    if (reviewState)
    if (successParameter.parameters[KnowledgeManagement.ParamLastButtonClicked] == KnowledgeManagement.DialogOkId) reviewOptionSetPreviousSelection = reviewState.getValue();
    else reviewState.setValue(reviewOptionSetPreviousSelection)
    }, null)
    } else if (reviewState.getValue() == KnowledgeManagement.KnowledgeArticleReviewState.Approved) {
    var onApproveDialogCancelCallback = function() {
    var reviewOptionSet = reviewState;
    onApproveDialogOkCallback = function(response) {
    var reviewOptionSet = reviewState;
    reviewOptionSetPreviousSelection = reviewOptionSet.getValue()
    KnowledgeManagement.KnowledgeArticle.CommandActions.approveArticle(formContext, onApproveDialogOkCallback, onApproveDialogCancelCallback)
    } else reviewOptionSetPreviousSelection = reviewState.getValue()



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