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Credit Memo

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The company use credit memo to credit the client accounts for various reasons. However, when they reverse a transaction, there will be a credit memo created in the ArDoc.

I want to find the true credit memo rather than the reversal credit memo either in ARAdjust or ArDoc, how do I do that? Thanks!

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    TomMalia 325 on at
    RE: Credit Memo

    We'll need more details to help us answer your question.  You'll need to either get access to SL or better yet get help from the users that actually perform the processes to described exactly what they are doing and where.

    MY  guess right now is that your users may be using Flexible Billings in the Project module since that screen module has a specific "thing" called an Invoice reversal which does automatically generate an AR Credit memo which sound consistent with some of what you described.

    Of course it's also possible that they are using Order Management or just booking things straight in AR.

    No matter what, I at least will need a little more detail about what your users are doing and also some more specifics about exactly what you are trying to get to be able to assist.


    Tom Malia

    T&T Data Solutions L.L.C.

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    Alex Pan 350 on at
    RE: Credit Memo


    Believe or not, I do not have access to SL. Im only scripting at the back end using another tool so that I can present the information the management want to see,

    I am not an account so I only look at it in a technical way.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Credit Memo


    What do you mean when you say that you revere the credit memo?  What screen are you doing that in?

    If you Unapply a CM,  it doesn't create a new document.   What is the doctype of the reversal?

    When you unapply a payment or CM, there is a second aradjust record created with a negative amt.

    You might try printing the Customer Trial Balance for All documents.  Any applications list right below the invoice number.  The report is sorted by invoice number.  Any unapplied documents print at the end.

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