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Management Reporter Upgrade/Reinstall

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Over the last several years I have tried to get Management Reporter running with Dynamics SL 2015.   But every time I do, we either go bankrupt, or the company sells, or they hire another management company, so I blow it off and stay with the familiar FRX to re-do databases, financial statements, etc.   My next set back was when they decided that I was going to be HR and convert to another Payroll system.    After we got through that conversion, I could finally get back to the Management Reporter project.   No, but wait, we have be in charge of HR in the middle of a pandemic.  I have finished the PPP loan applications with multiple banks and know the emergency sick leave laws now.....   So back to Management Reporter:

I got pretty far last time.   Installed Management Reporter 2016 CU 2.12.16002.   I have a test installation, made it through the validation of the databases.   I even got a few reports going.  

I was trying to install a new client, and I'm getting the version mismatch message at the client.   It thinks that the client is running 2.12.16000.   I have searched all over my installation looking for a download, update, different version of the MRLaunch.exe, and I don't know where this 2.12.16002 came from.  Everything is the 2.12.16000 version.

So I thought what if I just upgrade the server and the clients to the newest version?   In refreshing my memory with the install, I'm finding that I may have installed/uninstalled the programs a couple of times while learning, as I have a set of programs on the E drive, but another set that are in use on the C drive - which is probably the default, and not where I want it.   In addition to this, I have two sets of services at the server.  One set stopped pointing to the E drive, and another set running from the C drive. 


1)  Can I uninstall the programs and leave the Management Reporter databases out there?  When I reinstall the newer version, will it upgrade the management reporter databases?

2)  Any ideas on how to get rid of the stopped services that are out there?

Thanks for any help.



  • Management Reporter Upgrade/Reinstall
    Do you still have the install of 2.12.16000 client.
    My server is at 2.12.16000 and i always get 2.12.16002 when installing the client. So getting the error version mismatch.
  • Hamza Bin Mushtaq Profile Picture
    Hamza Bin Mushtaq 160 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Upgrade/Reinstall

    Hi Laurie.

    You are not alone in this.
    I am also facing this issue but with a slightly different requirement. We have lost our old MR setup.

    We created the new AX setup on the cloud and everything is super fine. Even installed the new MR and it works fine.

    I am expected to bring back OLD MR TEMPLATES into the new, otherwise, it's of no use.

    Now, when I try to use the old database in the new MR and run the upgrade MR Database. It gives me the same error of mismatch version.



  • Verified answer
    Laurie Sweeney Profile Picture
    Laurie Sweeney 575 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Upgrade/Reinstall

    So since I appear to be alone in the hole I created, I will answer with my solution just in case some other poor soul followed my trail.   

    I did upgrade both the server and the client programs, but I was still getting the mismatch error messages at the client.  It did say that it was going to upgrade my Management Reporter database.   I am guessing that somewhere it was looking at components of an older install, and throwing the mismatch message because of it.  

    So I uninstalled both the server and the client.   I was left with the two unused services not running at the server.    I tried to start them to confirm that they were dead links, and they were.   Executable not found.  I used these instructions to delete the dead services:

    1. Obtain the exact name of the Service (instructions may vary with operating system):
      1. At the Windows server, open Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services
      2. Right-click the specific Service
      3. Select Properties
      4. On the General tab, note the Service Name
    2. At the Windows server, open an Administrator command prompt (instructions may vary with operating system):
      1. Open Start
      2. Type the following command in the Search programs and files box:
        • CMD
      3. Press the Ctrl, Shift, and Enter keys at the same time
      4. This should open an Administrator Command Prompt window
    3. Enter the following command to delete the Service:
      • SC DELETE "service name"
        • Service name examples: "Sage 100c Advanced 2018 (9997)" or "Sage 100cloud Premium 2019 (10000)"
    4. Press the Enter key to execute the command.
    5. Receive the following message if successful:
      • [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS
    6. Enter the following command to exit the Command Prompt:
      • EXIT

    I then deleted every directory that included management reporter programs, files, etc.  

    I backed up both the Management Reporter database and the Data Mart database.  

    I reinstalled the server programs.   After fumbling around with deleting the Data Mart, I successfully followed these instructions to delete it so that it can be rebuilt.  

    1. Open the MR Configuration Console
    2. Disable the Integration
    3. Remove the Integration
    4. Stop the MR Services
    5. Delete the DataMart Database in SSMS
    6. Go back into the Configuration Console
    7. Start the MR Services back up
    8. Choose configure
    9. Configure a new integration by rebuilding the DataMart

    During the configuration, it stated that my Management Reporter database was from a prior version which I thought was interesting since in my failed upgrade it said that it was going to upgrade it with no error messages.   So clearly, something was rotten in Denmark with the previous install.  

    1)  Can you uninstall the programs and leave the Management Reporter databases out there - Yes you can.   When you reinstall it will give you an opportunity to state that there is an existing database where you will provide its name.   If you are upgrading to a newer version, it will detect this and upgrade it.  

    2)  See instructions above to eliminate an unused service that has no programs attached to it.  

    Great working with you Laurie.  

    Stay well.   Wear your mask.   Employ social distancing.

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