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Allocate amounts based on financial dimension regardless of ledger account

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Our customer requires to allocate from financial dimension X to multiple financial dimension A, B, C, with each a different fixed percentage.
This allocation needs to happen for each P&L account and the destination main account should be the same one that was used on the source main account.
In the ledger allocation rule you don't have the possibility to select the destination account source, only user specified.
Because of this we would need to setup this allocation rule for each account, which isn't really manageable. 
I notice that when you select allocation method equally, we have the possibility to select keep account from source, which is what we would like to pick when selecting fixed percentage. 
But because we don't distribute the amount equally we cannot pick this option.
Does anyone have experience with setting up such scenario using other methods? Or developing customization for this in the ledger allocation rules? Or any other alternatives? 
Allocation terms on the main account doesn't work either because these postings should be done end of month and directly when posting. 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

Kind regards,