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Assigning Purchase requisition permissions to view other user’s reqs not working.

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Posted on by 28
Currently using: 
Finance and Operations
Installed product version : 10.0.34 (10.0.1591.76)
Installed platform version : Update58 (7.0.6931.84)

Objective: Give user access to other’s purchase reqs since they are no longer in that position.

Process: D365FO > Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchasing requisitions permissions > Select user > right-side Requester add user who needs access > Save

When checking with user to see if they have access to it > negative. Tried the following resources to help:
  • D365FO documentation > had same procedure but no help
  • Google > information overload not helpful
  • ChatGPT > quoting the Señor Ramon from Nacho libre – “You are useless Ignacio!”

I looked at the security roles but seem to out of the box roles. Wanted to pick this community’s brain and see if my think process is in this area of needing to possibly create a new security role called View Purchase Requisition role. This permission will allow users to view other user’s purchase requisitions only. If this is the best solution, what is the specific duties or privileges to add to this role.

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you