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Unable to create automated PO from PR

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Hi all,
I tried creating automated PO from PR but after approving the PR, the PO is not getting create automatically. Even after i have done the required setup in purchasing policy.
Required setup done is: In purchasing policy, under Purchase order creation and demand consolidation rule, i enabled the automatically create purchase orders option for the required legal entity.
  • Unable to create automated PO from PR
    Hi please find below code to create PO from PR.
    //created by Prasanth
    public final class PurchAutoCreate_PurchReq_Apnt_Extension
           public void create()
            next create();
            purchReqLine            purchReqLineTmp,purchReqLineTmpUpdate;
            SalesTable              SalesTable;
            purchTable              purchTableTmpUpdate;
            listEnumerator          listEnumerator;
            List                    listRecordListCopy = new List(Types::Record);
            listRecordListCopy  = this.parmPurchReqLineRecordList();
            listEnumerator      = listRecordListCopy.getEnumerator();
            while (listEnumerator.moveNext())
                purchReqLineTmp = listEnumerator.current();
                select crosscompany purchReqLineTmpUpdate where purchReqLineTmpUpdate.recid == purchReqLineTmp.recid;
                if (purchReqLineTmpUpdate)
                    select forupdate purchTableTmpUpdate where purchTableTmpUpdate.purchid == purchReqLineTmpUpdate.purchid;
                          //your code 
    If above code helpful please mark it as verified.
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    Waed Ayyad Profile Picture
    Waed Ayyad 2,982 on at
    Unable to create automated PO from PR
    Check the below links, it maybe helps you:
    Waed Ayyad
    If this helped, please mark it as "Verified" for others facing the same issue

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