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Website Forms to Start Trigger

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If we have an embedded form on our website, can we create a trigger that will start a flow to a list for approvals? I would like to create a customer response form that starts a list for approvals in our organization. Is this possible?
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    Website Forms to Start Trigger
    I am trying to create a form on our website that is customer facing for them to fill out and trigger a flow with approvals and conditions that may flag the customer to different questions depending on a couple of criteria points. For example: if the customer submits a request more than 90 days after the original invoice date prompt new question and text. 
    I am wondering if I can use marketing or microsoft forms as a link on our public website so that we do not start the flow with the native form that can be created from our platform for our website. 
    Hope this makes sense. Thank you for any help
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    Website Forms to Start Trigger
    Do you mean clicking the submit button on the form triggers the flow?
    What kind of form have you embedded into your website?
    Custom HTML form or Dynamics 365 marketing form?
    If you are using a marketing form, then you can refer to the following link to use the form submission to trigger flow.

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