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Fixed asset - wrong fixed asset depreciation calculation

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Posted on by 27
Hello community,
I come to you for help with a question concerning the depreciation of fixed assets in D365. 
The asset I will use is this, it is a building. For the purposes of my testing, I am only launching the depreciation calculation on the /operationsù/ book, which for my user is marked /_G/.
I'll start by saying that the affected freshmen were migrated from ax 2012 to D365 on 2/28/2023 and, therefore, in the transaction screens the value of the transactions are based on 12/31/2022.
A manual depreciation profile (very similar to the straight-line depreciation profile) was used for the simple reason that the user had first decided to do his own calculation, and now that he has switched to D365 he wants to reconnect with the new logic without changing the old quotas already depreciated (which are the ones you see in the transactions above)
And now we come to the calculation of amortization for the year 2023. 
As you may notice, the system enters an amount of 120, but this is actually wrong!
Since the acquisition price is 1032, and the service life is 34 years, I would expect a value of about 30. 
What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance