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How to enable planning processes

Posted on by 126

Hi everybody

I have created a new company in D365 (Release 9) and want to enable planning parameters. for enabling it, system needs a dynamic plan to be created beforehand and for creating dynamic plan, system needs planning processes must be enabled. This is an endless loop of errors. Can you please help me how to tackle this issue?


  • jvalbuena Profile Picture
    jvalbuena 10 on at
    RE: How to enable planning processes
    I have the same problem but the request is not valid to solve it
    The parameter that is committed here is active in the table and I still have the same problem

    thank you
  • Dynexcellent Profile Picture
    Dynexcellent on at
    RE: How to enable planning processes

    Just tried this out and it worked :). Thanks for sharing.

  • RE: How to enable planning processes

    That's an excellent idea ! You have best utilized the solution under so many limitations !

  • RE: How to enable planning processes

    Regarding the use of tablebrowser from VisualStudio that will only be an option in PreProduction environments

  • Suggested answer
    RE: How to enable planning processes

    As the Table browser is now closed down for editing data in D3FO, and a Production environment does not provide Visual Studio or RDP access, I only know one way of fixing this, until Microsoft comes up with a fix.

    Use the Entity "Master Planning Parameters" to export the paramaters to Excel.

    Set the value of the field AREALLPLANNINGPROCESSESDISABLED to 'No'.


    Save File.

    When importing use the Import option 'Re-import'.


    In the Re-import settings, set 'Yes' in the Field 'Ignore errors' and click Import. 


    The Planning processes are now enabled and the remaining Master Planning parameters can be setup

  • Suggested answer
    RE: How to enable planning processes


    Thanks for raising this issue and for all the responses. I am a hardcore functional consultant, more of an SQL Server guy, not much into Visual Studio and programming. So I figured out a different way of solving this issue. 

    If you have access to LCS, you can download the RDP to access the Virtual Machine that the D365FO instance is pointing to. The LCS site also gives you the credentials login and access SQL Server through SSMS. Open SSMS and use axdbadmin credentials (SQL Server authentication) to connect to the AXDB database. Create a new query and execute the following command. 



    This will set the "Disable all planning processes" to NO and then you would just have to re-login to the D365FO environment. You can now go to Master Planning > Setup > Plans > Master plan and create a dynamic plan. Once a plan is created, you can setup the Master planning parameters successfully.  

  • Verified answer
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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: How to enable planning processes


    Just open the Table browser for ReqParameters from VisualStudio and disable the parameter (field Disable all planning processes) and save the record.

  • Yadegari Profile Picture
    Yadegari 126 on at
    RE: How to enable planning processes

    Thanks for your reply but as i mentioned, system doesn't let me to create master plan as all planning processes are disable.

    And for enabling planning processes needs a master plan. An egg and hen issue!

  • add Profile Picture
    add on at
    RE: How to enable planning processes

    Hello Yadegari,

    You have to first create and setup at least one Master plan.

    Go to: Master planning > Setup > Plans > Master plans

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