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Stock Closure Never Performed by Customer

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I have just found out that one customer has never done a stock recalculation and close.  They are using standard cost and track cost down to batch level.  They have been on D365 FSCM for four years now.  They had raised a question regarding ledger postings when updating the standard cost of the item, even though the stock has long since left the building.  I had advised them that is because their production orders are only at reported as finished in the example they had provided.  They have unfortunately many production orders that have never been ended and many purchase orders without posted invoice, so they are not financially updated.  They are in the process of cleaning this up and closing out as many transactions as possible.  I would then advise them to recalculate and close inventory, but the transactions go back four years.  What is the best way for them to go about rectifying the situation?  Should they for example recalculate and close month by month, dating back to 2019, or should they close year by year, or should they be doing a stock recalculation and close at the end of the month, and then go through the routine going forward?