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Development plans or extension for MOQ on SALES ORDERS

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Dear Community,
I am project lead for implementing Business Central in our company, and we came across very late that the existing Minimum Order Quantity is only available for the purchasing, but not on the sales order side. We are very dissapointed as we had assumed this is a basic standard functionality, as it is many other Microsoft solutions.
Talking to our partner the recommendation was a development, as he did it with other companies. 
For out business it is extremly important to ensure that customers purchase only in certain quantities and that it is not possible to place SALES ORDERS devitating from the MOQ or multiplier. The different unit of measures are not an option, as it would mean we have to show a selling price per e.g. carton, and this is not how we want to sell to the customer. We want to show the price per piece and not per carton.
Too make a long story short, are there any plans from Business Central side to close this gap?
Instead of development can you recommend a certain extention we could activate? The big plus how it was sold to us, is there is not need for customizations as you can add any extentions to fit potential gaps. We are not a fan of custimazations, thats the reason why we selected Business Central.
We really hope that Business Central is putting this as a standard to their development list. This is HUGE gap!
Thank you for any recommendation
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    Development plans or extension for MOQ on SALES ORDERS
    Hi Michaela,
    I run a wholesale business and we sell to customers in MOQs/lot multiples as well. I am looking at moving to Business Central and have noticed there is no way to set a sales MOQ on an item. 
    Did you end up finding a solution to this such as a customisation or an extension?
    If so, I would appreciate any details you can share on this.


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