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Persistent US Date Format

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I have every setting under the sun set to show the date correctly, i.e. dd/mm/yyyy.

Yet, Dynamics has deigned that just in invoice comments, despite telling it that I do not want the ridiculous US date format to be used, it can ignore this and continue to show me nonsensical dates, and it massively impact productivity, particularly where it is ambiguous due to the day being 12 or less as it takes much longer to figure out what it is actually trying to tell me. No other country in the rest of the world uses your stupid date format, so please stop forcing it upon us.

I have already posted a question regarding this ( but every time I try to reply to it I get a message saying the request is blocked. Sometimes I feel Microsoft is being deliberately obfuscatory.

I also had to type this message out in Notepad as typing in the box provided was impossible due to it constantly resetting the cursor to the start.