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Write to channel table from payment connector

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I have a payment connector for a 3rd party integration to a payment provider for external giftcards using a WSDL service. I used a class that extends from IPaymentProcessor. In that connector class I want to write logging data to a custom table in the channel database. Every call from and to the 3rd part needs to be logged including the response codes from the 3rd party.
I can find examples of how to write to a channel table, but it all uses /Request.Requestcontext/ and in the payment connector class my /Request/ object doesn't have a /RequestContext/.

- Is there another way of writing data to a table then using a /RequestContext/ or is this the only way? 

- Or can I somehow make sure that the RequestContext variable is passed along to the payment connector?

- Or can I make sure that the logging data I want to write is passed from the payment connector class to another place where I do have access to a RequestContext?
Hope someone has some creative ideas about this.
Thx in advance.
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    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    Write to channel table from payment connector
    Please hold on to wait others on the forum to suggest on this.

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