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glb files on ios app

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I have loaded GLB files as per described in the documentation to my dynamics instance. However, when I use the ios app - they never load, it hangs on loading and just gives me the placeholder cube image. I can access the sample files in the app properly. The glb files I have loaded show up ok via layout on my pc. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong?

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    glb files on ios app
    In iOS app development, handling GLB (GL Transmission Format) files can be crucial for incorporating 3D models and assets into applications. GLB files are self-contained, making them ideal for efficient loading and rendering in real-time environments. Developers often integrate GLB files to enhance user experiences with interactive 3D content, whether for games of aznameify, simulations, or augmented reality applications.
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    glb files on ios app
    Discover the functionality of GLB files on iOS apps, exclusively through WowDeals Abu Dhabi. GLB files, a binary version of the GL Transmission Format (glTF), offer efficient 3D model delivery and rendering on iOS devices. Unlock the potential of GLB files for immersive experiences and interactive content creation on iOS platforms. Trust WowDeals Abu Dhabi to provide exclusive insights into leveraging GLB files for your iOS app development needs.
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    glb files on ios app
    The mention of "glb files on iOS app" in connection with a water bottle seemed to imply a technical inquiry or challenge related to file compatibility or rendering within an iOS application. This could suggest that the user was seeking guidance on how to handle or display GLB (Binary glTF) files within an iOS app environment. The juxtaposition of technical terminology with the item "water bottle" creates an intriguing contrast.
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    RE: glb files on ios app

    Hi Tricia,

    Loading of large or complex models can take a long time, especially on slower internet connections. The loading indicator isn’t always a totally accurate representation of loading time and, even when it appears mostly full, the model could still be loading. Improvements to this loading indicator will be available in an upcoming release.

    First suggestion is to just let the device load for a while to see if it eventually does load or if it never loads at all. If the model takes a long time to load, you could downsize the image textures and reduce the complexity of the geometry. Typically we have seen that the texture images are the culprit in long loading times, so I would start there. For compatibility with most devices, we usually build models using a very small number of 2K x 2K textures. Larger textures (4K x 4K) could be used on the higher end iOS devices, but often they exceed the memory of older iOS devices. If the model never loads, it could be an issue with the GLB file itself. We have seen some applications mess up the GLB file during conversion. Try loading the image using the Babylon JS sandbox ( to see if it loads there.

    Hope this helps!



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    RE: glb files on ios app

    Hi Donielle,

    Thank you so much for this. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to affect the load of the file on my mobile and the image still says loading without actually loading on the mobile.

    I think it could be related to the size of the image but not sure if this is the case.



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    Donielle_MSFT 287 on at
    RE: glb files on ios app

    Hi Tricia,

    You can find best practices for the creating and converting your realtime 3D models Here. I would recommend that you utilize the Dynamics 365 Import Tool (Preview) to optimize your models. we also offer support within the tool, to help you get the best performance from your assets.


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    RE: glb files on ios app

    Hi Cassandra

    Is there a size limit for the files which can be used? Must they be created in a certain way?

    I'm also having this issue. Where some of the images work and some are stuck loading and I'd love to understand the limitations.



  • RE: glb files on ios app

    Hi There!

    My name is Cassandra. I am on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize team. Happy to help!

    A few questions: What is the filesize of the GLB?

    What is the device you are using (iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, etc)?

    It sounds like it is the case, but just to confirm, does the GLB work in other Microsoft apps (for example, Layout)

    Was the GLB converted using the Layout Import Tool?

    If we don't find an obvious solution, we could also provide you a sample GLB that you can try using the same process so that we can rule out your upload process.

     We appreciate your interest and feedback through our preview, and we look forward to helping solve this.



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