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Recreate stored proc for APR_PTO45100

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Posted on by 1,045

When testing closing payroll in one of our companies, we receive this message: get/change first operation on APR_PTO_Code_SETP cannot find table.  The More Info button shows:  could not find stored procedure zDP_APR_PTO45100OF1.  I could not find this table in the table resources under HRMSS\Payroo.  How can I get it recreated?

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    RE: Recreate stored proc for APR_PTO45100

    I believe the HR/Payroll Suite, which is made up of 4 features, was acquired from Integrity, back in GP 10.0 or so, if I remember:

    --1911  / HRM Solution Series

    --4522 / Payroll Integration To Payable

    --4933 / Certification Manager

    --4955 / Employee Health and Wellness

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    WindyCityGP 1,045 on at
    RE: Recreate stored proc for APR_PTO45100

    Thank you Derek and Beat for your responses.  I will reach out to Integrity-Data since we do use that.

    Does Microsoft own Integrity-Data's HRMSS product?

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,002 Super User on at
    RE: Recreate stored proc for APR_PTO45100

    HI Windy,

    everything starting with zDP_ usually indicates a Stored Procedure, not a table. However, the subsequent characters can provide some hint of the table that is concerned by the SP, in this case APR_PTO45100. That doesn't sound to be standard table of GP to me, which means it might be part of an ISV product.

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    RE: Recreate stored proc for APR_PTO45100

    I believe this may be part of an Integrity Data add-in, as I don't have any APR_PTO45100 table in my GP 18.3.1173 system and we didn't add anything new to 18.3.1200, nor can I find any mention of this table.

    Do you have Integrity or any other third-party products installed for Dynamics GP related to payroll?


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