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Installed asset on FL with wrong date... how to correct?

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Dear community,
I have installed an asset on a functional location with a wrong /effective from/ date.
My first thought was just to uninstall it and install it again with the correct date.
But in this case, i'm receiving an error message since installation periods may not be overlapping...
How can I make an asset installation undone or edit it?
Thanks for your help!
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Installed asset on FL with wrong date... how to correct?
    Perhaps you can create a new installation record for an asset with a corrected effective date after the current installation ends. You can refer to this official document: Move, replace, and install assets - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnThis article explains how to move, replace, and install assets in Asset Management.
    Best regards,

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