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Multiple Companies, multiple windows?

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Any way for the users to have more than one company open at a time?  Currently they have to close all windows and select the Switch Companies button.

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    RE: Multiple Companies, multiple windows?

    Hi There

    This is a very nifty feature, and we have been using it extensively at a number of our clients

    However , we did come across an issue, please bear with me

    If a transaction screen is open in Company A( lets Assume AP-Voucher and Adjustment) , and one then switches to Company B ( With the Transaction screen still open), then back in the Transaction Screen a currency, for what ever reason, needs to be changed from the base currency , this opens up the Currency selection screen that launches from the button in the Voucher screen.

    The problem comes in here , when the Currency selection screen launches , it does not launch in the  Transaction Screen's company ( Company A) but Rather launches in Company B. the Currency Selection Screen also only looks at the PV's from Company B. which proves that the Second screen actually launches from CompanyA>>Voucher Screen but physically opens the screen in in Company B.

    This makes me beg the question , what about other screens that open in the background while

    a batch is being posted i.e FTT, Project Allocations , Gl Posting etc. I shudder to think what would happen if the wrong company's Allocation processor opens and runs in the wrong company with similar yet different allocations rules or billing rules .

    This might seem a little far fetched by now , but how can we be certain?  

    Is there a hotfix or a patch for this available ?

    Kind regards

    Stefan Janse van Rensburg

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    RE: Multiple Companies, multiple windows?

    This multi-company switching option is possible without closing any open screens in SL 2011 by clicking on Switch Company button


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