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FetchXML Except / Anti Join

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I'm looking for assistance on how to perform an Except or Anti-Join using FetchXML. For instance: 

ResourceTable: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

ResourceBookingTable: [3,4,3,3,5] (Filtered by time)

ResourceTable SubGrid Result: [1,2,4] 

(essentially: Don't show records in Table1 that have a record in Table2)


To display resources that aren't booked during a specific time period in a form subgrid. The subgrid is filtered by date values on the form.

The current approach involves using a link-entity filter with FetchXML.

I can filter both Resource Table and the Booking Table, however, I haven't spotted a way to exclude ID's present in the filtered Booking Table from the Resource Table.

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    a33ik 84,313 Super User on at
    RE: FetchXML Except / Anti Join

    Can you please provide the FetchXml that demonstrates your joins and didn't work?

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    MDev44 5 on at
    RE: FetchXML Except / Anti Join

    Confirming I'd already read through that prior to my post... it didn't fir my scenario.

    I just solved the problem though - I wrote the SQL statement and reversed it using SQL 4 CDS on XrmToolBox. didn't work in this instance.

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    a33ik 84,313 Super User on at
    RE: FetchXML Except / Anti Join


    Check this article - it might point you the right direction -

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