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Program is too static and not user friendly

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Hi there, we're currently implementing D365 F&O at my company and we're struggling a lot with the workflow.
Our main issue is the inability to edit/amend fields in one part of the process after it has been moved forward. For example, the workflow goes as follow: Purchase order (contract) -> First service order -> Second service order -> Invoicing.
Now, say you registered the wrong price in the contract when you're already at the invoicing step. My IT team and external consultants/devs insist the only solution is to cancel both services and the invoice, amend the purchase order and then create both services all over again to invoice it correctly. 
In my opinion this just doesn't feel right. The system should be able to let you amend the price in the contract and update whatever is dependent on it along the chain. 
Does anyone have had a similar experience? Is this actually how D365 F&O works or is my team and external consultants/dev just lacking the knowledge to do this?
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    Program is too static and not user friendly
    You can submit your ideas on this site, providing Microsoft with valuable suggestions and points for improvement. Other users will vote for your ideas, and Microsoft will consider ideas with a high number of votes for inclusion in the standard feature, refer to this link: Ideas ( After all, FO is a global product, and you are welcome to put forward valuable suggestions for the maturity of the product.
    Best regards,
  • Program is too static and not user friendly
    Hi @andreasraithel - thanks for your response! 
    Agreed, registration of data quality can improve and process approvals are key. However, this is a fast paced process and humans make mistakes due the pressure you get from suppliers and clients and the short time you have to respond. 
    Problem comes when is not only about amending an approved purchase order, it comes when you cannot ammend it because it's already linked to something else (in this case service orders). So having to errase all further steps to amend something and then creating them all over again seems too unefficient and instead counterproductive. Can you not at least "unallocate" the purchase order to the services, make the amendment and "reallocate" it once amended?
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    Program is too static and not user friendly

    I'm not aware of the exact business of your organization, nor possible setup or customizations, but it is possible to just register an invoice with different prices compared to what was entered on a purchase order. You can set up validations to perform a 3-way match. In case of a deviation, you can require approval before posting the vendor invoice.
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    Program is too static and not user friendly
    basically an ERP System (not only D365FO) has a lot of Workflows and approvals to run the business processes.
    But what should happen, when master data are wrong or in your case amounts in contracts are not correct?
    To allow to correct or to change values within a process that has to be approved, without recognition by the executives makes the approval obsolete.
    Means. data quality and precesion of data for procesees with approvals are a key requirement that needs to be understood from the business, otherwise it has some high effort to roll back processes because of non qualified data.
    So we need to educate the business users to provide sustainable and correct data at any stage of the processes, otherwise you can switch of any approval processes - or accepts the effort for correction process.
    Hope this helps.

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