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Simple Question, changing E-mail in Live Customer Journey

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Posted on by 32
Hi y'all,

I thinks this is a relatively an easy question, however I cannot find the exact answer I'm looking for.

I need to make ammends to an e-mail in a live Customer Journey. However, the Microsoft website states the following:
/If the change impacts your customer experience, for example, deleting an email in an existing journey, it will result in a new version of the journey. Your existing customers will complete the current version of their journey while new customers will enter the new version./
and I feel it does not fully explains the consequences, e.g. right now, this the situation of the mail in the Customer Journey:
I would like to know what will happen with the 364 queued members, the moment I edit the E-mail. 

Any Ideas what will happend? If I edit the e-mail, will the queued members just go to the end of the Journey and never receive an E-mail, or just remained queued until the edited E-mail is live again?

Looking forward to your replies, and thanks in advance!