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When configuring the Shopify store in Business Central there is a field that says /End of support/ and the date of March 1, 2024 appears and in the description it mentions that it will stop working.
Will the connector stop working permanently?
Could someone answer my question, since my store has been around for 1 year and I have the earring that no longer works.
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    shopify connector
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    shopify connector
    Andrei answered this question on the Dev Yammer community... I'll copy\paste below.

    This is date till when the current version of Shopify Admin Api will be supported. See the Shopify release details here:


    Latest version of connector uses supported version of Shopify Admin API. If you upgrade as normal everything will be fine.


    Why do we have this UI element?


    There were cases when customers stuck with old version of Business Central (I assume they had some upgrade issues) and they continued to use Shopify connector with unsupported Api. These resulted app marked as outdated in Shopify Admin for all customers. That's why we now introduced hard block for old versions.


    As we have hard block, we also had to introduce some way for user to see what is going to happen, that's why there are new field and notification.

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    shopify connector
    The message is due to the cache memory, which stored the message from the previous version you were using.
    To resolve this, you can follow the following steps to clear the cache: Navigate to the Shopify card >>Invoke the action>>Clear the API version expiry date cache.
    Once we completed this process, the error message disappeared.
    Hope it helps.
    Best Regards,
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    shopify connector
    Hi, I haven't heard about this, and until recently, Microsoft was still giving Shopify new features.
    For example,
    2023 release wave 2 plan:
    MS Yammer:
    Hope this helps.

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