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How to increase the field ( tr_comment) size of table pjchargd?

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I'm trying to increase the size of tr_comment field in pjchargd table of SL by default it is 100 char.

Is there any way I can increase the size of field in SL Table?

When I tried to increase the size in DB, screen is throwing an error  "system message 10050 - the application specified size of record does not match the database declared size"

Product Version - Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1

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    CFROTON Profile Picture
    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: How to increase the field ( tr_comment) size of table pjchargd?

    Hello Vipul,

    Unfortunately, that's a change to the schema, and unless you have the source code you will unable to change the field length. You would have to be able to "recompile" the screen, there is some coding that does a check for the record sizes of the table and screen, so if you change the table the screen must be adapted to it.

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

    Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • AlexDupuis Profile Picture
    AlexDupuis 310 on at
    RE: How to increase the field ( tr_comment) size of table pjchargd?

    Hi Vipul,

    You can't make any structural changes to tables in SL.

    You can add trigger, indexes but can't add fields ou changes fields size or types.

    SL is doing SELECT * FROM table and use structure to stock the return information and before doing so, it compare both bit size and if they don't match, you get the error you saw. 

    What you can do is use the users fields to help you have a more characters, you could use the S4Future fields but I really don't recommend size Microsoft could use them at some point without you knowing. But if you need more than that the best solution is to create an extension table which will provide more control to you but it's more work to implement.

    Hope that will help, have a nice day.


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