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Web service call debug

Posted on by 53
can someone please assist me with debug of the web service calls? For some reason I can't attach to the Web service call (I used to be able to do this few months ago). My launch.json:
This is the same configuration I used few months ago. This is for SaaS version. There is always some issue with attaching to web service calls and it's getting really annoying...... I'm not sure what am I missing.
BC Version:
Thank you.
  • ibogovic Profile Picture
    ibogovic 53 on at
    Web service call debug
    unfortunately, issues is still present...
  • LD-21051115-0 Profile Picture
    LD-21051115-0 2 on at
    Web service call debug
    I have the same problem.
    Have you been able to solve this problem yet?

    Thanks in advance!
  • ibogovic Profile Picture
    ibogovic 53 on at
    Web service call debug
    Hi Yun Zhu,
    nothing happens. Debugger normally starts, but no API call are fetched at all. I already talked to one of my colleagues and he had a same problem some time ago (API debugging also does not work for him too). Did you try to use API debugging recently? Does it work for you?
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 62,342 Super User on at
    Web service call debug
    Hi, it looks like there is nothing wrong with your settings. Neither userId nor sessionId is required. Are there any error messages now?
    More details: Example (attach to an online sandbox web services session)
  • ibogovic Profile Picture
    ibogovic 53 on at
    Web service call debug
    Hi gdrenteria,
    thank you for the links. Unfortunally, this did not resolve my issue. 
    For example, one of the examples for debugging web service on Sandbox environment said that user ID should be set to "OUATH_BC":
    But when I add that, it results in error:
    I'm open to any other suggestions.
    Thank you.
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    gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 3,937 Super User on at

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