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Porting in Purchase Orders via Configuration Package

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Posted on by 543
Using BC 365 SaaS v23.4. We have a Sandbox environment where we have entered in a large number of Purchase Orders with the lines. The requirement is to import these into our Production company. So logically I thought to create a configuration package to perform the heavy lifting. My question involves the available fields in the Purchase Line table that I'm referencing. Our PO lines in our Sandbox company have defined Shortcut Dimension 3, 4, and 5 Codes that I have replicated over in Production. But when I look at the available fields in the Purchase Line table, I only see Global Dimension 1 Code and Global Dimension 2 Code listed. 
How can I also include Shortcut Dimension 3, 4, and 5 Code values when porting in these PO lines? I also see the Dimension Set ID field available, so I'm assuming I'd look to that. Although this isn't a blank slate for our Production company. There are existing Purchase Invoice lines in there and whatnot that already have Dimension Set ID values defined...