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D365 Projet Operations : Replace Hours fields

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Is it possible on all the screens (forms, views, search, ...) of the entities Project, Booking, Resource, .. to hide the fields (input and calculation) referring to hours to have instead the possibility of entering days or % of occupation? What is feasible?

Here are some examples of screens







Thanks for your help !

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    RE: D365 Projet Operations : Replace Hours fields

    Hi Dimaz,

    by design and process it`s not possible to change the fields as inquired but you can configure it with the Power Apps Designer as No Code / Low Code platform. Have in mind, by doing some configuration, you need to pay attention to all dependencies within your changes and affected areas.

    As short example, after the configuration a possible result for image 1 can be look like:


    As there are more solutions for your inquiries possible, you need to figure out the best way to configure it (best on your existing or upcoming requirement). Therefore, I highly recommend always not to change system generated objects.

    For further research you can have a look into Microsoft Docs to find out more about your possibilities or using Microsoft Learn to get more information.



    *Due to the complex and different possibilities of deploying Dynamics 365 I highly recommend not to setup the application without some expert/partner or support. (For more information contact me under or visit

    *The Information comes directly from the manufacturer or provider and are validated (not guaranteed) up to date of creation of the posting.


    1. Microsoft Licensing Guide
    2. Microsoft Doc`s/Learn

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