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Data entity for vendor Invoice Journal attachments

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Hello community,

I'm working on attaching files to a vendor invoice journal in the AP Module using a data entity through Power Automate. I based my data entity on the General Journal data entity (LedgerJournalAttachmentsEntity) after seeing it recommended for invoice journals. However, it hasn't worked, and I'm having this error: "The value 'XXXXXX' in field 'Journal batch number' is not found in the related table 'Ledger journal table'." Does anyone know which entity I should use for this case? I need to attach the file to the Header only.

Thanks in advance!

Mario C.

  • Data entity for vendor Invoice Journal attachments


    The problem it’s not with the attachment itself, I’m using a data entity based on LedgerJournalAttachmentsEntity, but it only seems to work with Journal Batch Numbers from General Journals, which are part of the General Ledger Module. Both vendor invoice journals and general journals are stored in the same table (LedgerJournalTable), and the only difference between them is the journal type. It’s confusing that when the data entity searches the table by journal batch number, it can find general journals but not vendor invoice journals. I feel like I might be missing something here.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Data entity for vendor Invoice Journal attachments
    I'm not sure if this is the correct entity. But as a start can you try and upload the attachment manually first from the form, then if it works try to do that via DMF by importing the attachment. If it succeeded it might be an issue of how you are using power automate. So let's try doing it manually via DMF as a start and let us know if it works and if it adds the attachment to the record.

    Also the error is saying that u have wrong value in the field. So make sure that this field value really exists in d365fo

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