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Error on production but not on development

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Hi there, 

We have functionality that resets a password for a webuser. We use the class CryptoServiceProvider to generate salt and generate secure password hash codes. 

All our environments were recently updated to Platform release Update29, Application release 10.0.5.

When I run the code in our development environment, the password is reset and no error is thrown. 

When I run the same functionality in Production and UAT, it throws an error: 

Error executing code: Wrong type of argument for conversion function.

The code is very simple: 

this.UserPasswordIterations = 1000;
this.UserPasswordSalt = CryptoServiceProvider::generateSalt();
this.UserPasswordHash = CryptoServiceProvider::computeSaltedHash(_newPassword,this.UserPasswordSalt,this.UserPasswordIterations);

The catch is that it runs through the complete code and updates the password correctly. We just need the error to go away because the same functionality is used with integration. When integrating, integration sends back a fail response because of this error. 

All the code is exactly the same across all environments as we are using Azure DevOps for code and deployment. 

Does anyone have any idea how I can narrow down what causes this error? 

  • Sukrut Parab Profile Picture
    Sukrut Parab 71,643 Moderator on at
    RE: Error on production but not on development

    Try to reproduce it in UAT environment . There might be some difference the way it works in UAT , PROD vs Dev machines . If you can reproduce it in UAT ,  you should be able to debug it by connecting your dev VM to UAT environment.

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    nmaenpaa Profile Picture
    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Error on production but not on development

    This functionality is used in the standard application in a couple of places, for example on HCMWorker form (Human Resources - Workers- Workers - Time registration tab page), to set PIN code of the worker.

    I suggest you try to reproduce it in the standard application, and create a support request for Microsoft.

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