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using sound on mobile device

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Hi expert,
Is there anyway to access local resource on mobile device such as speaker, gps or file storage from Warehouse App? I know that AX can do like this
How about 365?
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    DP-04060556-0 10 on at
    using sound on mobile device
    Hi Siv,
    example is speak out the product name when picking. this can help workers ease their task.
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    David Probst 6 on at
    using sound on mobile device
    It would be fantastic to for example be able to take a picture during say the purchase order receipt process to document a given shipment. There was something available in the Powerapp mobile device development set but.. with the warehouse app not open for development "app" development (not talking normal handheld interface development) and with the way that the Warehouse app interacts with D365 (see Work user sessions for seeing the mobile device xml files) I would say no.
    However a bit of creativity.. say you store said picture on a sharepoint site using the handheld and manage to bring the URL or filename through for example a "Custom work types" - then you should be able to code a URL DocuRef record that points between D365 and that sharepoint file.. it would however have to require the user to leave the Warehouse app to do the for example photography.
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    CU02050410-0 67 on at
    using sound on mobile device
    Can you explain with example

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