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Display date and time on screen

Posted on by 1,615

Hi there,

How do i display the date AND time of a field (pjrefhdr.user7) on a screen.  

I have customised the Budget Revision Maintenance screen and added this field but only the date part seems to show even though there is a time part in the table in the database.


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    Mark E Profile Picture
    Mark E 6,405 on at
    RE: Display date and time on screen

    This is not as simple as you might think.  Using the DSLDate control will only show the date in MM/dd/yyyy format.  In order to display the time from the table, you would need to add TextBox to the screen, then convert the smalldatetime field from the table into a Time format.  Problem is, you cannot add the same field twice to a screen, so you can only display either the date OR the time.

    I also don't think that Customization Manager will allow you to add a smalldatetime field using a TextBox, so you would probably need to convert the smalldatetime data value in a SQL view to a char field, then you might be able to pull it into the screen.

    You would need to add a virtual table (SQL view) to the database that pulls in the data fields you need, create and add a DH file that holds the view data in a buffer, then add the textbox that pulls in the converted smalldatetime field ("HH:MM AM/PM" format) from the view.

    It would require some VBA and SQL code/skills to accomplish all this.  As I started with, not as simple as you might think....

  • Jo Wykerd Profile Picture
    Jo Wykerd 1,615 on at
    RE: Display date and time on screen

    Is nobody able to help me?!!

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