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Selecting Specific Items for Cycle Counting in Mobile App

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Hello everyone,
I'm experiencing an issue with cycle counting by location using the D365FO Warehouse management mobile app. Currently, when cycle counting work is generated for a location, the app lists all items in alphabetical order (A-Z) for counting.
The mobile app users have to count all items in that location from A-Z, which isn't efficient for our needs.
Desired Feature:
I would like the ability for the app users to scan a License Plate (LP) within that location, and have the app directly bring up the specific item linked to that LP for counting. This is instead of going through all items A-Z.
Current Setup:
I have already set up a detour within the cycle count menu to perform LP checking. However, I need this to integrate smoothly so that scanning the LP leads directly to the count screen for that item count.
Does anyone know how to configure the mobile app to enable selecting specific items via LP scanning in this way? Any tips or configurations I might be missing?
Thanks for your help!
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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Selecting Specific Items for Cycle Counting in Mobile App
    There is currently no such standard feature, and you may need to do custom development to meet your needs. If you don't have a developer, you can enlist the help of Microsoft partners who will provide customized services for you: Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource.
    Best regards,

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