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Cost adjustments

Posted on by 328
Hi everyone,
It was reported to me this situation, we made a sales on 14/05/2024, everything was registered Ok. Days after on 01/06/2024 several cost adjusments appeared related to my original sale. I can not figure out where this movements came from, It only happened for 8 sales invoices and all this adjustments were made for same day. How can I identify how this happened? 
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    MarisolC 328 on at
    Cost adjustments
    Also in General Ledger Setup, we have allo posting from and to as the current mont, I now understand why my movements are posted to a months ahead... I need now to identify when those adjusment happend and why... will look up for it... TIA!
  • MarisolC Profile Picture
    MarisolC 328 on at
    Cost adjustments
    This is my Inventory Setup
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    Valentin Castravet 6,854 Super User on at
    Cost adjustments
    The adjustment done can also depend on your inventory setup, specifically automatic cost adjustment. Can you post a screenshot of your inventory setup page to see what you have setup?
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    Jun Wang 5,517 Super User on at
    Cost adjustments
    you could look at a few things including
    what costing method does the item was set up with. For items using average, there might be frequent costing adjustment depending on the valuation period.
    check what transactions that is related to the sales order. For example, items were received but the costing is not final like freight charges haven't been posted to the purchase order. Later the correct costing is rolled up and the adjustment flows to the sales side.
    Jun Wang
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    gdrenteria 4,883 Super User on at
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    Yi Yong Profile Picture
    Yi Yong 255 on at
    Cost adjustments
    Hello Mariso,
    Typically cost adjustments will happen when there is a difference between the expected cost and the actual cost of the items.
    If you did not use Inventory Period or 'Allow Posting From/To' then the adjustments will be posted on the same date of the posted sales invoice.
    You can check the value entries of the posted sales invoice items and compare the expected cost and actual cost difference if it matched with the adjustment entries.

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